How to Effectively Add Images to Your WordPress Articles

add images to wordpress

There’s no question that adding images to your blog makes your posts more appealing and engaging to readers. According to research by content marketing platform Skyword, including images can increase views to a specific post by a whopping 94 percent—and even more than that for specific topics, like politics or news stories.

images in blog postImages within a post can fulfill a variety of functions. They can add visual interest and reduce reader fatigue by increasing white space and breaking up long stretches of text. Including a powerful image near the beginning of your post can draw readers in and establish the tone for the piece.

How to Start a Blog: Your Step-By-Step Guide

how to start a blog

With so much of our professional and personal lives moving online, blogs have become an important source of information and entertainment in the digital realm. Not only do they offer a way to stay up-to-date on the latest news or a specific area of interest, but they also provide a forum for interaction with both the blog’s author and other readers. Learning how to start a blog is easier than you think, and this article will provide all the details you’ll need to add your voice to the online conversation.

Getting Started: The What and Why of Blogging

Your first step is determining what the subject of your blog will be.