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Five Amazon Affiliate Alternative Options for Bloggers

One of the prime difficulties of making a living in the ever changing world of the Internet is that rules are constantly changing. It’s inevitable that as soon as you figure out how to play the game, and you may even begin to get your footing and think things are going to be okay, that’s […]

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amazon associates

Using Amazon Associates Program to Compound Blog Income

Are you a blogger interested in earning income from your online posts through the Amazon affiliate program? If so, Amazon Associates provides a proven path for establishing a reliable revenue stream. Please note that the program requires a bit of effort and some patience. However, if you stick with it, your persistence will pay off with a […]

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blog traffic

Increase Blog Traffic Without Spending a Penny on Advertising

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, increasing your blog traffic is probably one of your primary goals. It’s true that you can always increase your blog traffic through advertisements. However, the true holy grail of blogging is organic traffic. This is traffic that naturally arrives at your site through search engines, social sharing, referrals […]

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How to Make Money Blogging

Everyone has that special something that motivates them to start blogging. For many, the primary motivator is the idea of liberation from a dead-end day job. For others, it is the idea of making money from the comfort of their own home. And of course, the concept of making money writing about things you love […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Google AdSense

Now in its 15th year, Google AdSense is the oldest online advertising network in existence, with nearly 2 million current active users. AdSense allows website and blog owners to earn money. This is done by placing advertisements that are relevant to their content as well as readers’ geographic locations. AdSense revenue is based on one […]

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