About Us

Starting a blog is never a simple decision. And from that one decision come tentacles with hundreds of other decisions that need to be made.

  • What design do I choose?
  • What should my content be about?
  • How should I monetize my blog?
  • How do I gain more readers?

Question after question and every online resource is either a blatant advertisement or so outdated that they have the old Google logo in their copy.

With all these decisions and all these obstacles, we wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Top Blog Formula is a blog developed solely to assist our readers in optimizing their own content for the most effective, profitable, and exciting experience. This experience is two-sided and needs to work for both your readers and yourself.

We utilize our own extensive experience in the fields of marketing, web development, and making money online to provide the highest quality content, articles, guides, and feedback. Our goal is to ensure that your blog is started properly, streamlined for usefulness, and compelling to the point of obsession.

At Top Blog Formula, we realize that a blog is about far more than its readers. It’s about the creator, the artist, the architect. It’s about you, the webmaster, the blogger.

We suggest starting off with our guide on How to Start a Blog.

From here, foray into Blogging TipsWordPress, and Tools of the Trade. This builds a solid foundation.

After that, check out our articles and guides on Content MarketingBlog TrafficSocial Media, and Email Marketing to start building a base.

When you’re ready to fine-tune, look to our posts on ProductivitySEO, and Tools of the Trade.

Finally, when it’s time to look at profitability and monetization of your blog, check out our guides on Advertising and Making Money with your blog.