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Reaching Out to Influencers: Compounding Traffic and Skyrocketing Income


As you establish your blog, you will look to grow your audience, and your income. Online influencers can be an important force multiplier to help you achieve your goals. But like any relationship, a healthy, mutually beneficial partnership with an influencer doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires time, attention and careful cultivation. Read on to learn how to identify and connect with the most powerful and effective influencers in your niche.

What is an Influencer?

In short, an influencer is an individual with a substantial following on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook,

Writing Compelling Blog Content to Keep Readers Coming Back for More

compelling blog content

Building an audience for your blog—and maintaining it over time—can be one of the most challenging aspects of online publishing. Regardless of your subject matter or style, compelling blog content is the key to keeping your readers coming back for more. The following universal guidelines are guaranteed to help you create captivating, share-worthy posts that resonate with your target audience.

Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

According to the legendary advertising giant David Ogilvy, most ads and articles lose about 80 percent of their readers after they read the headline. This gives the title of your blog post a weighty responsibility.

Everything You Need to Know About Google AdSense

Now in its 15th year, Google AdSense is the oldest online advertising network in existence, with nearly 2 million current active users. AdSense allows website and blog owners to earn money. This is done by placing advertisements that are relevant to their content as well as readers’ geographic locations.

AdSense revenue is based on one of two metrics:

  • Per impression, which reflects the number of pageviews a page with ads receives
  • Per click, which reflects the number of visitors who click on the ad

Is Google AdSense Right for Your Site?

All the HTML You Need for WordPress Blogging Success

html blogging

Have you launched your blog yet? Even if you’re biding your time and gathering up content, you’re likely familiar with the concept of HTML coding. Maybe you remember it from school. Maybe you’ve dabbled a bit with it while configuring your design and blog layout.

html blogging

For most, their first foray into developing a blog may leave them confused and concerned. Any customizations beyond what is plug and play requires a slight knowledge of HTML for bloggers. Heck, without a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) common in WordPress, it would take some coding just to made a word italicized.

How to Effectively Add Images to Your WordPress Articles

add images to wordpress

There’s no question that adding images to your blog makes your posts more appealing and engaging to readers. According to research by content marketing platform Skyword, including images can increase views to a specific post by a whopping 94 percent—and even more than that for specific topics, like politics or news stories.

images in blog postImages within a post can fulfill a variety of functions. They can add visual interest and reduce reader fatigue by increasing white space and breaking up long stretches of text. Including a powerful image near the beginning of your post can draw readers in and establish the tone for the piece.

Length Matters – Determining Optimal Blog Post Length

blog post length

Over the roughly 20-year history of blogging, experts have struggled to answer the question so many online writers have raised. What is the optimal blog post length? As you might imagine, there is no one-size-fits all answer. Instead, there is a range of responses depending on the format, audience and purpose of your post.

Determining Factor 1: Your Content

By their very nature, some topics require longer, more complex posts than others. Are you? providing step-by-step instructions for a specific task or delving into the history of Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

The Art of About Me – Crafting a Compelling Blog About Page

When you come across an interesting article from an unfamiliar blog, you may find yourself wondering “Who is behind this awesome article?” This is what you’d think before finding and clicking on their “About” page. Your click contributes to one of the most visited pages on many websites and blogs: The About Me page.

What Is an About Page?

Its title is self-explanatory. An effective About page does wonders for successful websites. It is a page that can be compelling, entertaining, informing, and all of the above. A powerful About page can have a serious impact on your website.

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your Blog in 2018

WordPress is widely used to power websites. In fact, over 30% of websites on the internet are powered by this content management system. These statistics show that the innovative website creation tool is not only popular, but effective due to its plugin and template systems. But what are the best WordPress plugins to meet your needs?

Whether you’re a beginner or a novice website designer, plugins are punch-packing tools that make your website managing experience easy and efficient. Below you can find 10 wonderful and effective plugins you can use to help supercharge your website or blog.

Crunch the Numbers, Know Your Customers: Setting Up Google Analytics

google analytics

So here you are. You are now the proud owner of a sleek, modern website. The curator a captivating blog. You’ve got the domain and you’ve got the top-notch content. People are beginning to show up and they’re starting to take notice of the hard work you’ve put into your site.

Now, if you’re truly interested in growing your website and increasing the influence and credibility of your overall brand, you’ve got to be curious about the people who are viewing your site.

  • How many people are visiting?
  • Where do they live?
  • What websites are sending the most traffic over to my site?

Power Blogging: In Post SEO for A-Game Search Traffic

in post seo

Everyone and their mother has a blog. Small businesses have blogs. Multibillion-dollar companies have blogs. Individuals have their personal blogs. This is in no way a bad thing. Blogs are great!

A well-written, well-organized blog can be entertaining, informative, and financially lucrative. But how is your blog supposed to be viewed and adored by the masses if it’s only a single drop in the endless sea of blogs that is the internet?

This is the job of Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO. Blog posts that practice specific on-page and in post SEO tactics tend to rank higher in search engine results.

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