email marketing

Getting Started Email Marketing

All over the place, webmasters and marketers are discussing the massive importance of building a high-quality email list. “The money is in the list” is one of the most common phrases found in the online marketing world. But why is this so vital? How does email marketing work? And how would a blogger begin building […]

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amazon affiliate alternative

Five Amazon Affiliate Alternative Options for Bloggers

One of the prime difficulties of making a living in the ever changing world of the Internet is that rules are constantly changing. It’s inevitable that as soon as you figure out how to play the game, and you may even begin to get your footing and think things are going to be okay, that’s […]

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amazon associates

Using Amazon Associates Program to Compound Blog Income

Are you a blogger interested in earning income from your online posts through the Amazon affiliate program? If so, Amazon Associates provides a proven path for establishing a reliable revenue stream. Please note that the program requires a bit of effort and some patience. However, if you stick with it, your persistence will pay off with a […]

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blog traffic growth

These Seven Things Will Destroy Your Blog’s Traffic Growth

Whether you just launched your blog or you’ve been publishing online for years, growing your traffic is likely one of your primary long-term objectives. However, you’re not just looking for sheer numbers growth. You want to attract the right kind of traffic. This is traffic that converts to more ad clicks, new clients, higher sales. […]

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cultivating an audience

Cultivating an Audience: How to Get People to Your Blog

Whether you’ve just launched your blog or have been blogging for years, you know that establishing your readership doesn’t just happen—and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. To draw new eyes to your blog, you’ll need to take an aggressively proactive approach to promoting your content and reaching readers. This is how you start cultivating an […]

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content marketing

Editing Tips and Tricks for Optimized Content Marketing

With more than 92,000 new articles published online each day, your content is perpetually engaged in a fierce battle. You’re trying to stand out from the pack—especially when it comes to search engine rankings. In its guidelines, Google makes the following recommendations to ensure that you’re posting quality content that will perform well within its […]

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best wordpress themes 2019

The Ten Best WordPress Themes for Blogging in 2019

WordPress is the most widely used content management systems. Believe it or not, WordPress accounts for nearly one third of all websites on the internet today.  Because of the zero cost and open source structure, everyone from professional news organizations to the humble home blogger is using WordPress to manage our content. So how does […]

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blog traffic

Increase Blog Traffic Without Spending a Penny on Advertising

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, increasing your blog traffic is probably one of your primary goals. It’s true that you can always increase your blog traffic through advertisements. However, the true holy grail of blogging is organic traffic. This is traffic that naturally arrives at your site through search engines, social sharing, referrals […]

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blog writing

10 Steps to Enhance Your Blog Writing: Writing for People, Not Bots

There is a current popular obsession with optimizing content to perform well in online searches. Given this, it’s no surprise that many bloggers write as if their target audience is made up of bots and not human beings. It’s true that it is important for your blog posts to show up in search engines. However, […]

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content marketing

Content Marketing Success: Five Exciting and Innovative Tips

When it comes to promoting your business, it’s no longer enough to use your blog as a supporting component of a broad marketing strategy. Instead, your blog should be the foundation on which all other promotional and communications activities are constructed. As digital media mogul Chris Brogan reminds us, your blog is your online “home […]

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